Program Core



Scholarship Assistance

Currently provided by the University of Notre Dame, scholarships for AnBryce Scholars Initiative students include costs associated with the published cost of attendance (i.e. tuition, room and board, fees, the estimated costs of books and some personal expenses).  

Advising and Mentorship for the Entirety of the College Career

Working in tandem with advisors in First Year of Studies and each of the Colleges, the Faculty Director will oversee AnBryce students’ academic progress, focusing on the ways that a student’s college career matches their personal strengths and goals, and how they might best prepare for a career after College.   To this end, the Faculty Director will meet with each AnBryce scholar several times a year for general advising sessions (and more often as needed). The AnBryce program will also coordinate and oversee the mentoring and pairing of students with faculty across the Colleges, once the scholars have chosen their field of study.  Chosen faculty mentors will offer perspectives from their given field (i.e. the sciences, a career in engineering or business, academic in the liberal arts etc.,), and will also act as another sounding board for students outside of the traditional advising channels.

Programmatic Activities: Term-Time “Talk Back” Sessions and Enrichment Programming 

Talk-back sessions are held monthly and will offer AnBryce scholars informal opportunities to reflect upon both the academic and social climate at Notre Dame and each scholar's place in it.  More than opportunities to “vent” in an open-ended way, the talk-back sessions will facilitate a community among the Scholars. Enrichment programming activities expose ABSI students to a variety of careers, whether in the business world, government, law, academia, or the arts.  Students have the opportunity to network with professionals in a semi-structured setting.  At present, we plan one enrichment session (most commonly a dinner and talk with a professional) each year. AnBryce will also hold a biennial forum in which students will help facilitate discussion and breakout sessions. The 2015 forum addressed “Class, College and the American Dream.”

Immersion/Study Abroad Experience during Freshman Year

International travel experiences help create a more cosmopolitan and well-informed perspective on the world. We consider this a critical dimension of being a good leader in the 21st Century.  More than half of Notre Dame's undergraduate students study abroad at some point in their college careers.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that nearly as many Notre Dame students travel abroad at some point before they begin their college careers.  To even the playing field in this regard and to broaden the horizons of the AnBryce scholars who have had little experience with travel or leaving home, the AnBryce Scholars Initiative will offer each freshman cohort a travel experience in one of Notre Dame’s gateway cities (e.g. London, Rome, Tantur, with Washington, DC as a domestic option) or in a developing country where Notre Dame has an institutional footprint (e.g. East Africa, Bangladesh).  Organized as an academic seminar for credit, this experience will be administered by the Office for International Studies (OIS) and/or the Center for Social Concerns (CSC).  

Thesis or Other Capstone Project in the Senior Year

Each AnBryce student will do either a thesis or a capstone project in their senior year.  Students who do advanced work increase their critical thinking skills, develop a mastery over some topic in their chosen field of study, and are well-positioned for their post-college life and career.  A thesis generally requires that a student embark upon a lengthy research program and period of writing (totaling more than a year, in most cases), while capstone projects can be conducted by a student in a single term.  In consultation with the Faculty Director and college advisors and faculty, scholars will choose the option that suits them best academically.