A Letter from our Directors

Dear friends, 

What a hard, joyfilled, complicated academic year we weathered. Surely, none of us could have written the script for 2020-21. Yet as we close another academic year we are filled with gratitude. Here is our top ten list (in no particular order) of what we are grateful for right now…

  1. Online gathering spaces and high speed internet.  Connections have never been more important to all of us.
  2. A year unlike any other before or after it with our students HERE learning to navigate every unknown imaginable as young adults.
  3. The AnBryce Community far and wide stepping up this past summer to provide access to virtual internships, professional development seminars, extraordinary Covid-19 support, and constant cheerleading for our students and staff. 
  4. Our Notre Dame Community – especially the Information Technology, Building Services, Maintenance and Grounds, and Dining Faculty folks, without whom this academic year would not have taken place. 
  5. The gorgeous weather showered upon us over the school year in South Bend. 
  6. The tenacity of our students who showed up day in and day out to get one step closer to making the world better. 
  7. Spectacular fall foliage, white winter wonderlands, and spring blooms.
  8. In-person gatherings with our students - on picnic blankets, playing games on the quad, in small groups, and popping in and out of the lounge this fall.
  9. Our AnBryce alums who continue to bless us with generosity, check-ins, mentoring our current students, and their work and optimism out in the world.
  10. A loving, giving, patient, comforting, and gracious God.

With gratitude, Richard Pierce & Maria McKenna