A Letter from our Directors

Welcome back!

With hands folded and fingers crossed we enter the 2020-2021 academic year. We will be forever led by faith; faith in God and trust in our fellow University of Notre Dame community members. We persevered through the incalculable challenges presented during the last school year, one that was more disruptive than many of us had imagined. And while uncertainty persists, we are buoyed by the students’ strength and resilience demonstrated last year.

The AnBryce cohorts were able to endure, in part, because of their community bonds, which enabled them to overcome the limitations imposed on space and gathering. The 2024 cohort, in particular, defied negative prognostications and bonded as previous classes have done.

For the AnBryce administrators, 2020-2021 gave proof that our moorings are sound. With the wider AnBryce community as trusted allies, we are prepared to navigate to a safe port despite the severity of the tempest. Having had our faith bolstered, we are marching onward.

With gratitude,

Richard Pierce & Maria McKenna