Past Letters from the Director

Spring 2020: 

Dear friends, 

I doubt that we’ve ever been as grateful for modern technology as we have been the past few weeks. Though we are in uncertain times, our ability to connect, communicate, and care for each other is a blessing.  Returning from two amazing immersion experiences in Washington D.C. and Kylemore Abbey, Ireland with students (more on those soon) and diving head on into an unforgettable few weeks of controlled chaos has certainly required creativity, patience, and grace.  We’re grateful to say that our AnBryce team, including our staff and faculty, the AnBryce Foundation, our students, and our circle of friends have all risen to the occasion. All of our students are safely home or tucked away in their off-campus housing. We are in consistent contact with them via text messages, phone calls, social media, and the now infamous (and ubiquitous) Zoom meeting. We are working to make sure the emotional, material, academic, and social needs of our students are met and continually assessed.  In this holiest of weeks in the Christian tradition, we are reminded that we are all part of a cycle of life greater than ourselves. The power of one grows exponentially when in solidarity and communion with others. AnBryce is built on a model of shared community which we are ever so grateful for, especially now.  


With hope, Maria McKenna and Richard Pierce