Application Process

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To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have been accepted for enrollment at the University of Notre Dame. Candidates must be considered First Generation, in other words, the first in their families to attend college. Additionally, they must also have demonstrated great promise in the face of challenging socioeconomic circumstances.

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How to Apply to the AnBryce program at Notre Dame

  • Submit your application for enrollment at Notre Dame. You may apply early decision or regular decision.
  • Candidates will receive a letter from the AnBryce Scholars Initiative with an invitation to apply to the program. The application consists of an essay and a letter of recommendation from a teacher. We ask that these be specific to the program, and not an essay or recommendation that was used in the Notre Dame application process.
  • Fill out all FAFSA paperwork, if you have not already done so. This is used to see if you meet the financial aid requirements of the program.

Selection Process

  • The AnBryce selection committee meets to review all candidates. Your Notre Dame application and your AnBryce Scholars Initiative essay and recommendation are considered--this is why we ask for a fresh essay and recommendation to add to your portfolio.
  • We contact finalists to set up phone interviews with our Director, program staff, and selection committee representatives.
  • We select our scholars in early April and request confirmation of program enrollment by late April.

Please note: AnBryce Scholars must complete the financial aid application process (FAFSA). Based upon demonstrated financial need, AnBryce Scholars may receive scholarship assistance that covers the published cost of attendance, which includes tuition, fees, room and board, the estimated cost of books, transportation, and personal expenses. Notre Dame's financial aid staff  is available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. You may contact them at 574-631-6436 or via e-mail at To inquire further about the program or to indicate interest in being considered for the program after submitting the common application, please contact us at