Director's Letter

As the Faculty Director of the AnBryce Scholars Initiative at the University of Notre Dame, I am delighted to address you – students, parents, teachers, counselors – about a very unique opportunity at the University of Notre Dame.

Christmas Group

Building on the program established for undergraduates and law school students at New York University (NYU), and supported by the generous donations of Tony and Bea Welters, the mission of the University of Notre Dame AnBryce Scholars Program is to cultivate future leaders whose lives and personal trajectories have committed them to making a difference in the complex, fractured world in which we live. As is the hallmark of the program at NYU, AnBryce Scholars at Notre Dame are among the first in their families to attend college, and they have encountered significant socioeconomic challenges in the pursuit of their education.  

Our primary goal is to give AnBryce students at Notre Dame the tools they need to succeed at both Notre Dame and in the world beyond. Drawing on Notre Dame’s extensive resources, the AnBryce Scholars Initiative offers dedicated advising from entrance to matriculation, opportunities for professional and personal growth each and every term, and opportunities to build and sustain our unique community. In tandem with those goals, the AnBryce program at Notre Dame also has several important academic components, including a week-long immersive study abroad experience designed just for AnBryce Scholars and a required a thesis or capstone project, for which each student will be offered some financial support. It is our hope that all these components of the program will add up to an enriching experience that will prepare our students to succeed at Notre Dame, to be informed world citizens, and to live successfully in the world beyond our treasured gates, where they might lead with integrity, compassion and wisdom. 

I say that it is “our hope” because it is ultimately up to each student selected for the AnBryce Scholars Initiative to take advantage of the resources we offer. Given the special and talented students whom we have selected for our program, we have little doubt that they will go on to represent the University of Notre Dame, themselves, their families, and their communities well. 

We invite you to join us on this journey.


Paulette G. Curtis, PhD
Faculty Director, Undergraduate and Pre-College Academic Programs and the AnBryce Scholarship Initiative