Jordan Theriault

Glenview, IL

High School:
Glennbrook South

Jordan Theriault is currently a Senior majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Theology. He has a passion for Chemistry, he yearns to deepen his faith life, and he is currently searching for jobs in the chemistry industry. This past summer, inspired to search for alternative, greener energy sources, he participated in a REU though Northwestern University’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC). On campus, he is involved in the Center for Social Concerns where, two summers ago, he traveled to Guatemala through an International Summer Service Learning Program and he engaged, for 8-weeks, in community consulting for a rural, after-school program: Centro Explorativo. On campus, his broad interests and desire to form new relationships afforded him the opportunity to serve as Class President from Freshman to Junior year where he unified the class through campus-wide events. He also is a catechist at the Sacred Heart Parish where he enjoys teaching and helping children develop a more personal relationship with God. Lastly, Jordan is a Resident Assistant (RA) in Siegfried Hall where he serves, mentors, guides, befriends, leads, and ministers the student members of the Hall; he hopes to give back to the University of Notre Dame through this position.


  • Chick Evans Scholar


  • RA, Siegfried Hall
  • Junior Class President
  • Sophomore Class President 
  • Service Coordinator,  Evans Scholarship Foundation   
  • Sister Dorm Commissioner, Siegfried Hall

Internships/Summer Experiences

  • REU Northwestern University
  • International Summer Service Learning Program (Guatemala)
  • Caddying (part of the Chick Evans Scholars Program)