Law Series

The AnBryce Scholars Initiative, in partnership with the AnBryce Foundation and the AnBryce Scholarship Program at the NYU School of Law, presents an educational series on law school and careers in law. These sessions are open to all, but created with first-generation students in mind. 

Session 1: Exploring Careers in Law with AnBryce Scholars Program Law Alumni

2021 Panelists: 

  • Professor Troy McKenzie, Faculty Director, AnBryce Scholars Program, NYU School of Law
  • Alina Fortson (NYU Law '12) - Senior Regulatory Counsel at Stericycle (formerly Counsel - Regulatory Compliance at United Airlines)
  • Kadeem Cooper (NYU Law '14) - Policy Counsel at Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights (formerly Counsel, House Committee on Oversight and Reform)
  • Lauren Gambier (NYU Law '12) - Associate at Morrison & Foerster LLP

Panelists will share details about the AnBryce Scholars Program at NYU Law. They will also broadly cover the roads to law school, give a basic overview of the 3 years and summers, and legal careers after graduation. They will also speak to what it is lawyers do (many possible answers). 

Register for 2021 session here (April 7, 6:30pm on Zoom)


Session 2: The Nitty Gritty of Law School Admissions

2021 Panelists/Date: TBD

​​​​​​Panelists will discuss undergraduate courses and skills to increase admissions eligibility, LSATs, preparation costs and funding, applying to law school, paying for law school and scholarships, and what a successful gap year might look like. ​​​​​​

  1. How to tackle the first semester/first year
  2. Finding your niche and leadership opportunities
  3. Handling culture shock/family stress
  4. How to understand the different types of privilege

Session 3: Demystifying the Law School Experience

2021 Panelists/date: TBD

Panelists give firsthand advice on tackling the first semester and year, finding your niche and leadership opportunities, handling culture shock and family stress, and understanding and recognizing different types of privilege. They will also share summer experiences and what to look for in summer opportunities.


To receive date information for sessions 2 and 3, please email