Mindfulness and Nutrition Series

Mindfulness and nutrition are key components of a healthy lifestyle during college and after graduation. Scholars and guests attended a 3-part Zoom series that welcomed partners from several divisions across campus.This series focused on stress management, balance and nutrition. Read below for details on the sessions. 


Session 1: Mindfulness and Mindful Eating

Presenter: Jenna Gehl-Jones, Assistant Director for Emotional Well-Being, McDonald Center (aka McWell)

Learning how to incorporate mindfulness in our stressful lives. 

From Ms. Gehl Jones: Mindfulness gets a lot of attention these days, but what is it and how can it actually help? Join us as we learn about the foundational principles of mindfulness and how it can help us manage stress. We'll also spend plenty of time practicing ways to integrate it into our lives to support our physical and emotional well-being. No previous experience with mindfulness is expected.

Session 2: Intentional Health

Presenter: Ms. Valerie Staples, MSW, LCSW, University Counseling Center, University of Notre Dame

Focusing on the myriad ways college students control food and food intake. Students will also talk about feelings around food at home and at school. 

From Ms. Staples:  Food has become such a focus in our culture today….what to eat, when, why, comparing our eating patterns to others, judging our choices.  Join a discussion about what is “normal eating”, identify some healthy ways to think about food, consider  what you are doing well and where you could benefit from making some changes to be physically, mentally and emotionally well. 


Session 3: The Science of Nutrition

Presenter: Jocelyn Antonelli, Nutrition And Safety Manager, Campus Dining, University of Notre Dame

Looking at how food affects our bodies. Dispelling myths about food. 

From Jocie: Have you ever heard the quote from Hippocrates that " All disease begins in the gut"? Join me as I share basic nutrition principles to help you feel and look your best while also maximizing your immune system.