Logan Balfantz

Harahan, LA

Logan is a freshman in the Mendoza College of Business studying Marketing with minors in the Education, Schooling, and Society program and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. He sees himself in a variety of positions — from a college professor to a movie director to a small business owner. Because of his first-generation and low-income background, his work and philosophy are rooted in educational equity and entrepreneurship. In the past, Logan has worked alongside administrators of his public school district to empower struggling students and formulate educational policy. Presently, he is developing and evaluating multiple business ideas with the IDEA Center at Notre Dame and working with philanthropic educational organizations on equity campaigns. He continues to be contacted by organizations such as Bloomberg Philanthropies and featured on media regarding his life journey, college during COVID-19, and his commitment to service and equity. As an AnBryce Scholar, a QuestBridge Scholar, and an Annexstad Scholar at Notre Dame, Logan has pledged to utilize his new-found plethora of resources to ensure marginalized youth from his hometown are afforded similar opportunities.