Scholar Programming

Building Bespoke, Community-Supported Experiences for our Scholars

Great thought is put into programming for AnBryce Scholars. From Global Immersion and Network Immersion trips to the Leadership Summit and Personal and Professional Development Series, we seek out enriching opportunities that build cultural and or leadership capital and set our students up for success at Notre Dame and in their post-collegiate endeavors.

We understand that college experience is ideal with made-to-measure opportunities & connections to a cohort.

Our scholars dive deeply into many academic, social, and political arenas that need complicating/untangling. We work to custom-design opportunities for each scholar. Scholars meet regularly with the Faculty Director to develop a plan of action for their four years at Notre Dame. 

AnBryce is a cooperative community. 

Students are encouraged to be individuals; not comparing their experiences to fellow scholars or other students on campus. Students know their value at the University extends beyond their labels.

AnBryce hones strengths and increases networks and social capital through direct mentorship and experiential learning/internships. Scholars meet monthly for dinners and other enrichment programming. They also schedule regular meetings with program staff to discuss finances, health, and professional readiness. 

Students emerge highly competitive in the classroom and in internship and professional arenas. 

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