Expand your possibilities,learn to shape the world.

The AnBryce Scholars Initiative brings first-generation, scholar leaders into a close knit family of students and faculty/staff mentors. We believe our scholars represent the best of Notre Dame and aim to assist in exposing our students to a cosmopolitan, inclusive vision of the world with all its complexity. Then, we encourage them to better it using their talents as a force for good. AnBryce Scholars come to campus from all across the world, united by their impressive academic potential and leadership skills, their success in the face of adversity. They pursue every area of study and seek summer enrichment through social justice and community service initiatives, educational experiences, and internships in business, engineering, social sciences, education, and the arts. 

The AnBryce Scholars Initiative reflects the vision of Mr. Anthony Welters and Ambassador Beatrice Wilkinson Welters, who began the AnBryce Foundation in 1995. The Welters' sons, Bryant and Andrew, are graduates of the University of Notre Dame. 

Scholar Snapshot

2020-2021 begins our eighth cohort. 

54 Scholars and Alumni, across all colleges of study

100% Post Grad Employment/Graduate Education Placement

National Honors: Fulbright Fellow, Fulbright Summer Institute Fellow, Six Gilman Scholars 

3 McCloskey Competition Participants  1 Team Awarded Cash Prize. 

65% of Students Elect to Study Abroad Several Students Completing Multiple Global Immersions (ISSLP, Summer) 

90% of our scholars hold leadership positions on campus and in our community.


Erick Tapia, Class of 2018

It's like a dream come true, but way better.

– Erick Tapia, Class of 2018


IDEA Center Student Intern Stories: Isel Otero Torres (ND '21) will join Accenture as a Consultant

Author: Emily Tyson

Isel Otero Torres is a senior at Notre Dame, majoring in management consulting and French. She grew up in South Bend and most of her family is still nearby. “When my mother learned I would be attending Notre Dame and not leaving for a school in California, she was very happy,” she says.

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Scholar Profile: Building and Supporting Healthy Communities

Author: Sarah Kubinski

“Today, after our warm up, I’ve got a pyramid for you guys: three sets of the first group, two sets in the second group and then one for the last exercises. I’m going to put the sequences in the chat, in case you get ahead of me. And remember to ask for modifications if you need them. You got this!” Groans and smiles came from the grid of faces on the screen. It was Tuesday evening and time for Get Fit with La, a three-times weekly HIIT/cardio blast workout session run by sophomore Carlondrea (Lala) Petty. Staff, scholars/alums, family and friends were logged in and ready to get fit. Program Manager, Amanda Hammond approached Lala in the Spring to start workouts and mental wellness breaks to connect with students who were wound tightly from trying to do Notre Dame’s rigorous curriculum from their bedrooms. Greatly surpassing the original idea of quick drop-in workouts, Lala created an amazing community of friends getting mentally and physically stronger and more confident in what their bodies could do. 

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