Paula Velazquez

Amarillo, TX

High School:
Palo Duro High School

Paula Velazquez is a psychology major in the College of Liberal Arts. She is an AnBryce Scholar and a member of the Building Bridges Mentoring Program. Paula hopes that her psychology major allows her to understand the human brain, as well as empathize with people and uncover the thoughts and reasoning behind people’s actions. Her ultimate goal is to make it into the FBI, but before she applies, she wants to understand both the criminal and legal sides of law enforcement. For this reason, she has interned at the Potter County District Attorney’s office and participated in the Potter County Citizen’s Academy. Not only did she witness prosecutors break down a case and argue it in a courtroom, but she was also able to see things from the perspective of an officer, as she talked to firefighters, detectives, and forensic analysts, to see how all divisions worked together to catch offenders and prevent them from reoffending.

In addition to her law enforcement interest, Paula hopes to engage more in clubs that fit her cultural and academic interests. Paula has joined the social community in her dorm, in which she finds new and creative ways to set up parties or celebrate her dormmates' birthdays. She has also looked into joining Notre Dame’s Ballet Folklorico Azul Y Oro and the Latin Student Association, in hopes of digging more into Latino traditions and embrace her cultural roots. Moreover, Paula is looking forward to joining the Student Policy Network (SPN), a Notre Dame Club that allows her to advocate and find new ways to problem-solve real-world issues our nation faces today. 


  • Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award
  • NAACP Scholarship Recipient
  • Amarillo Area Foundation Scholarship Recipient


  • Faculty Diversity Project with Professor Steven Alvarado


  • Social Commissioner/Member, Walsh Hall
  • Dancer, Notre Dame’s Ballet Folklorico Azul Y Oro

Internships/ Summer Experiences

  • Potter County District Attorney’s Office
  • McCarn & Wier, PC