Rachel Dinh

Tempe, AZ

High School:
Tempe Prep

Rachel has a major in Anthropology and Pre-Health Studies with a minor in Theology. Her career goal, at the moment, is to become a doctor with a focus on serving under resourced populations, and using her background in anthropology to better understand her future patients.

Several college experiences have shaped her personal formation and career aspirations. One of her favorite summers in college was working as a camp counselor at Camp Sharing Meadows, a residential camp for adults with disabilities, where she met individuals who greatly influenced her outlook on life. She also served as a camp counselor at Camp Sweeney, where she improved her leadership skills and learned how to take care of children with Type 1 Diabetes. As the child of immigrant parents from Vietnam, she has a passion for learning about who people are through their language and culture and supporting underrepresented groups. This has led her to becoming treasurer of the Vietnamese Students Association, as well as being a senior fellow for the Multicultural Student Program and Services (MSPS) office. Rachel has also enjoyed combining her personal and career interests by working as a research assistant in the Culture of Medicine lab at Notre Dame, where she has completed projects with fellow research assistants about medical training in Mexico and maternal mistreatment in Kenya. In her free time, Rachel enjoys listening to music, painting, and trying new food around campus. She is incredibly grateful to Notre Dame and the AnBryce program for all the opportunities that she has been afforded.

After graduation, Rachel will pursue a Masters Degree in Global Health at Trinity College, Dublin.

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Gilman Scholarship Announcement

The Carolyn Nordstrom Professional Achievement Award, Anthropology, University of Notre Dame


  • Senior Fellow, MSPS
  • Treasurer, Vietnamese Student Association
  • Mentor, QuestBridge¬†¬†
  • Howard Hall Leadership

Internships/Summer Experiences

  • Research Assistant, Culture of Medicine Lab
  • Camp Sweeney
  • Summer Service Learning Program (Camp Sharing Meadows, Indiana)
  • EMT Training (Reflection)

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