Program Core

Opportunity Exposure, Support, Space

Global Immersion Experience during First Year

Travel, particularly international travel, helps create a well-informed perspective on the world’s economic, geopolitical, social, and cultural landscapes. AnBryce considers this a critical dimension of being a good leader in the 21st century.  To broaden the horizons of our AnBryce scholars, program participantsl travel to one of Notre Dame’s gateway cities (London, Dublin or Washington, D.C.). The students work closely with Notre Dame’s University Writing Program participating in a cohort specific Writing and Rhetoric course in the spring of their First Year that addresses global perspective taking. 

Programmatic Activities: Lessons in Leadership, Enrichment Programming, and Cohort Communities

Monthly gatherings of our AnBryce community take place in a variety of different forms.  We offer our scholars informal opportunities to reflect upon their academic trajectories and build lasting friendships.  Students meet for all-scholar dinners and inter-cohort family meetings. The inter-cohort families are led by a senior "parent" and they offer more personal ways to process ones time in college. There are also regular opportunities to meet program supporters, Notre Dame and program alumni, and other notable national and international leaders occur through our Lessons in Leadership series. Enrichment programming activities expose ABSI students to a variety of events and outings. 

Advising and Mentorship for the Entirety of the College Career

Working in tandem with First Year advisors in each of the Colleges our Faculty Directors Drs. Richard Pierce and Maria McKenna oversee AnBryce students’ academic progress, focusing on the ways that a student’s college career matches their personal strengths and goals, and how they might best prepare for a career after College. To this end, the Co-Directors will meet with each AnBryce scholar several times a year for general advising sessions (and more often as needed). From these meetings, a comprehensive plan of action emerges for the scholar’s time at Notre Dame. Though detailed, there is nevertheless always room for growth and change as the student discovers where his or her strengths lie. The flexibility to grow is essential to success in college and beyond. The AnBryce program will also coordinate and oversee the mentoring and pairing of students with faculty and industry professionals once the scholars have chosen their field of study.  Chosen mentors will offer perspectives from their given field (i.e. the sciences, a career in engineering or business, academic in the liberal arts etc.), and will also act as another sounding board for students outside of the traditional advising channels. Many of these mentors are themselves first-generation college graduates and often stay with the program after their scholar graduates.

The Importance of Connection

We encourage our scholars to be good representatives of the program and stewards of their many organizations and affiliations at Notre Dame. Their connection to the University is only strengthened with their leadership in clubs, research, and connections to faculty and programs. Developing community-conscious leaders and academics results in greater engagement in the classroom and greater engagement as alumni and future parents of Notre Dame students. Scholars have a dedicated lounge in Haggar Hall and meet regularly to study, connect, and learn.

Additional Financial, Logistical, and Summer Support

The Office of Financial Aid provides tuition and room and board scholarship packages. AnBryce adds additional support for health insurance, professional attire, senior funds (for testing, interviews, etc), counseling and tutoring assistance. AnBryce also works closely with the Office for Student Enrichment and other campus partners to collaborate on efforts for our scholars. We work to make sure each of our students has what they need to focus on their studies and meaningful experiences over various breaks just as other Notre Dame students do.  

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