The AnBryce Forum: Race and the Inclusive Classroom


Location: McKenna Hall

Emmanuel Cannady,  PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, Notre Dame; Prof. Charlice Hurst, Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame; Prof. Francisco Robles, Department of English, Notre Dame; Zoe Walker, Notre Dame; Prof. Dé Bryant, Department of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend (Moderator)

Faculty from the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University, along with a student interlocutor from Notre Dame, will examine the ways that race matters in the classroom, a space not simply shaped by an educational agenda but also impacted by complex social dynamics.  Students who are both in the Notre Dame  “majority” and those whom are often defined as “minorities” within its structure will walk away with a deeper understanding of this topic.  This panel, which will be moderated by Prof. Dé Bryant, is the first of two dedicated to understanding the classroom experience.