Catching up with Teayanna Leytham '21, ESTEEM '22

Author: Sarah Kubinski


Teayanna Leytham '21 has always made the most of her time at Notre Dame, in the classroom as she pursued her Chemical Engineering degree and outside of it, leading clubs and studying abroad in Ireland. In particular, she maximized her summers during college. After freshman year, she was a Fulbright Summer Institute Scholar in Scotland (and also traveled to Rome with the College of Engineering). The following summer she headed to Washington, DC to take part in consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton's Summer Games

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AnBryce Scholar Wins Bud Ahearn Leadership Award

Author: Sarah Kubinski

Marilyn Zizumbo
Marilyn Zizumbo 2022

AnBryce senior, Marilyn Zizumbo, a Environmental Engineering major from Corona, California, is the latest winner of the Bud Ahearn Leadership Award. This award is named in honor of the late Joseph "Bud" Ahearn, Notre Dame alumnus and supporter of the Center for Civic Innovation (CCI) Internship Program. Award winners exemplify Bud's principles of leadership, selflessness, service to others, and commitment to fostering meaningful relationships.

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Senior Spotlight: Odalis Gonzalez Reyes '21

Author: Sarah Kubinski


Odalis Gonzalez Reyes, '21, is a ray of sunshine from American Falls, Idaho. Before arriving on campus, she really had not been much of anywhere outside of Idaho. That Freshman fall, when she drove cross country with her high school teacher, Mrs. Caroline Wight ('04), she began the adventure that would be 4 years of growth and challenge and change at Notre Dame. …

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AnBryce Partner Spotlight & Conversation: Elise Rudt, CUSE

Author: Sarah Kubinski

Elise Rudt
Elise Rudt, National Fellows Coordinator, CUSE

The Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarship Engagement (CUSE) a campus resource gem. We shared our original digs in Brownson Hall for many years with them. But even as our programs changed homes, CUSE to Bond Hall and AnBryce to Haggar Hall, our relationship strengthened, thanks to a shared commitment of assisting scholars with acquiring valuable tools to enrich their time at the University and beyond. AnBryce constantly seeks out experts in their fields to provide support and networks for our scholars. CUSE is one such resource, with its commitment to scholarly discernment as it relates to experiential learning, research planning and funding, and application support for national and international fellowships. Recently, we sat down with Elise Rudt, National Fellows Coordinator at CUSE, to talk about our long-standing partnership.…

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AnBryce A Day in the Life: Amanda Hammond

Author: Sarah Kubinski

Amanda  Hammond
Amanda Hammond, Program Manager

Ask anyone who knows about AnBryce at Notre Dame and they'll tell you the heart of the scholar's program is Program Manager Amanda Hammond. With the program from its inception, she holds the collective memory but also the collective soul of AnBryce. We wanted to check in with her to see what a day in the life looks like in COVID times. …

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Senior Spotlight: Isel Otero Torres '21

Author: Sarah Kubinski

Isel Otero Torres

Isel Otero Torres' ‘21 trip to college three and a half years ago was a short one. A graduate of South Bend's Adams High School, she appreciated that Notre Dame would challenge her  but also allow her to stay close to her family. Isel is the first to admit that when she arrived at ND she did not have a specific plan for her business degree, but she hoped, by graduation, to be prepared for several jobs in that sector. Open attitudes like this are perfect for AnBryce's networks at Notre Dame and beyond.

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IDEA Center Student Intern Stories: Isel Otero Torres (ND '21) will join Accenture as a Consultant

Author: Emily Tyson

Isel Otero Torres is a senior at Notre Dame, majoring in management consulting and French. She grew up in South Bend and most of her family is still nearby. “When my mother learned I would be attending Notre Dame and not leaving for a school in California, she was very happy,” she says.

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Scholar Profile: Building and Supporting Healthy Communities

Author: Sarah Kubinski

“Today, after our warm up, I’ve got a pyramid for you guys: three sets of the first group, two sets in the second group and then one for the last exercises. I’m going to put the sequences in the chat, in case you get ahead of me. And remember to ask for modifications if you need them. You got this!” Groans and smiles came from the grid of faces on the screen. It was Tuesday evening and time for Get Fit with La, a three-times weekly HIIT/cardio blast workout session run by sophomore Carlondrea (Lala) Petty. Staff, scholars/alums, family and friends were logged in and ready to get fit. Program Manager, Amanda Hammond approached Lala in the Spring to start workouts and mental wellness breaks to connect with students who were wound tightly from trying to do Notre Dame’s rigorous curriculum from their bedrooms. Greatly surpassing the original idea of quick drop-in workouts, Lala created an amazing community of friends getting mentally and physically stronger and more confident in what their bodies could do. 

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New initiative will tackle racism’s core concepts

Author: Kevin Fye

Prompted by recent killings and the social upheaval arising in their aftermath, our nation has awakened to the brutality of institutional racism and the violence to human dignity it has wrought in communities of color, now and throughout America’s history. Many who had previously failed to recognize and understand the structures of racism are now seeking to educate themselves.…

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Keep Up Hope

Author: Vivian Nweze

Covid19, alias CoronaVirus, aka Miss Rona, is the first time in 101 years that a pandemic of this magnitude has disrupted the world. This letter does not serve the purpose of reprimanding or educating us all on the intense medical significance of this disease. All the information you need for you and your family to stay safe is available on trusted websites such as the and I want to take this moment to remind us all of something that spreads a lot faster and is immensely more powerful than any virus known to man: Compassion. …

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2020 McCloskey New Venture Competition Results

Author: Nicholas Swisher

The 20th McCloskey New Venture Competition awarded more than $400,000 in cash and in-kind prizes today during a livestream ceremony that culminated the event. The competition was held online this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

NearWave received the $50,000 McCloskey Grand Prize for teams founded by University of Notre Dame students or alumni. Viewtique received the $50,000 Startup South Bend-Elkhart/Elevate Ventures Grand Prize for community-based teams. …

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