AnBryce A Day in the Life: Amanda Hammond

Author: Sarah Kubinski

Amanda  Hammond
Amanda Hammond, Program Manager

Ask anyone who knows about AnBryce at Notre Dame and they'll tell you the heart of the scholar's program is Program Manager Amanda Hammond. With the program from its inception, she holds the collective memory but also the collective soul of AnBryce. We wanted to check in with her to see what a day in the life looks like in COVID times. 

6:00am: Walk Molly, her not-so-small-puppy; Wake, feed, pack up her own kids.

8:15am: Drop off children at elementary school and pick up cupcakes to celebrate this month’s AnBryce "kids" birthdays. 

8:30am: Arrive at the office with Molly, for some Canine Therapy (yes, really). Quick lounge sanitizing and sweep from last night’s study session. 

9:00am: Good morning text to scholars with Office Hours for the day.

9:30am: Call/Emails with co-directors to update on Scholar health/wellness

10:00am: Weekly Zoom meeting with Outreach Coordinator, Sarah Kubinski. Rundown of scholar internships and upcoming events, development updates, and start to plan summer enrichment. Excited about law series with AnBryce Scholars at NYU School of Law, and developing an HR workshop for seniors!

10:30am: Reconcile months expenses. Revisit orientation, travel, enrichment plans for upcoming year.

11:30am: Walk with Molly and a student to check-in.

12:00pm: Working lunch. Review new RA files and put final touches on EA applications to send to selection committee. 

1:00pm Meet with scholar moving off campus to discuss senior year budget.

1:30pm: Head out to pick up children from school.

3:00pm: Back at office for afternoon office hours (rotated through staff).

3:15pm: Meeting with Hakeem, student coordinator to discuss social media accounts and coordinator projects.

3:30pm Health/wellness, Financial Planning one on one’s with scholars.

5:00pm: Dinner delivery for AnBryce Family Meeting (great discussion with scholars, such good advice/support shared!)

7:45pm: Lounge update for staff, check schedule for tomorrow, send quick text reminders for scholars doing Zoom therapy session tomorrow. 

8:00pm Home for bedtime.

We could not do this without her!!