AnBryce Scholar Wins Bud Ahearn Leadership Award

Author: Sarah Kubinski

Marilyn Zizumbo
Marilyn Zizumbo 2022

AnBryce senior, Marilyn Zizumbo, a Environmental Engineering major from Corona, California, is the latest winner of the Bud Ahearn Leadership Award. This award is named in honor of the late Joseph "Bud" Ahearn, Notre Dame alumnus and supporter of the Center for Civic Innovation (CCI) Internship Program. Award winners exemplify Bud's principles of leadership, selflessness, service to others, and commitment to fostering meaningful relationships.

Marilyn completed a summer internship with CCI and the City of South Bend. This is the first year of a partnership between the two organizations. Marilyn was part of a team in the Engineering division of the Department of Public Works. The team worked on the Rum Village Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project. This involved analyzing data from constituents, telephone and online support, site visits, and presentations to neighborhood families around Rum Village in South Bend. The team also took on special auxiliary city tasks and saw careers in municipal fields firsthand. 

CCI teams have members from local and national universities and several local high schools. Other teams addressed lead remediation strategies, food deserts, youth support programs, and green spaces. Marilyn stood out among this year’s interns for her clear communication and leadership skills and her ability to match peers to responsibilities that played to their strengths. 

Back on campus, Marilyn is a Resident Advisor in Johnson Family Hall. She is also advising this year’s ND-SEED team and is hoping to work on a local pedestrian bridge project. She is excited to further develop her Civil Engineering interests alongside her Environmental Engineering major. Ask Marilyn about CCI Internships and the best ways to get practical experiences within Engineering at Notre Dame.