Scholar Profile: Eclectic music experiences mirror varied interests in college

Author: Sarah Kubinski

Jinny Rodriguez

Music has always been a part of Jinelfry Rodriguez’s ’19 life. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Jinny spent most of her time with her uncles and their band, surrounded by the music of her native country. When she came to the United States at 6, music became a learning tool. “I used music, television and reading to learn English”. Now, music is her outlet. “Next semester, I plan to audition for an a cappella group and perform at Acoustic Café.” Even when her performing was put aside while she acclimated to college life, she still wrote poetry and songs to express herself.

Jinny credits the AnBryce Scholars Program for broadening her horizons and introducing her to other cultures. London “was such an amazing trip that allowed me to grasp a different culture and lifestyle than from the United States or the Dominican Republic.” Jinny also says the trip was a wonderful bonding experience for all of the students.

This summer Jinny will be interning in Boston with State Street, a global investment office. “I am a psychology and romance languages and literature double major with a business/econ minor, but I wanted to experience the business world to see if this would be a career I would like to go into.” She feels she has great support from her peers and the mentors and staff of the program. “They completely changed this whole experience for me.”