Scholar Profile: It's okay to be different, if it means being yourself

Author: Sarah Kubinski

Before Notre Dame, Logan McAbee-Thomas (’19) grew up in Boyceville, “a little tiny town” in Wisconsin. He and his sister lived with their legal guardian, who he refers to as mom, having lost his biological mother when he was young. His high school days were spent playing sports and participating in band and drama.

His mom was the one that told him about AnBryce after she received and email from Amanda Hammond, the Program Manager for AnBryce.

“My first impression was that AnBryce would be just like any other scholarship that would require a few meetings and a grade point average, but I now see that it is much more, it is a family where one can turn to for support and help, as well as an incredible network to help launch us forward.”

Now a sophomore and a psychology major, Logan has had a few experiences that really resonated with him. “A couple highlights from the past couple years definitely include the trips that we took to both London and New York. These trips were both so incredible in their own way; London was a beautiful and immersive experience full of culture, while NYU had amazing networking opportunities.”

This summer he plans to work at Camp Dogwood, a camp in Virginia that is at the heart of the Welters family’s AnBryce Foundation

“For me, AnBryce has provided me with a great group of friends that I can call family. It has shown me there the world if full of people who understand the things that I go through and that it is okay to be different if it means being myself.”