Professional Mentorship Program

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The Importance of Connection

The AnBryce Scholars Initiative is committed to comprehensive programming that ensures students are supported during their time at Notre Dame and beyond. Professional mentors extend the reach and resources of AnBryce program staff to make sure students are as prepared as possible for internships, post-graduate studies and careers. Our combined efforts demonstrate to our students how invested we all are in them and their dreams.

So many jobs have a hidden curriculum of experiences. I want to be sure AnBryce Scholars are competitive in any professional or academic sphere. The right professional mentor can make all of the difference - Jenna Kwak '19

How you can engage

AnBryce Scholars know that there is a community on campus and beyond that is invested in their success. We are grateful that we can provide support for students, regardless of major or career aspiration. That is thanks to you. For students who are the first in their families to go to college, mentorship is invaluable to help them thrive and reassure them how valuable they are. Never underestimate the impact of a phone call or email to reassure a student worried about an exam or debating a career choice.

Meet for coffee - Email a birthday greeting - Practice an informational interview - Share study abroad, research or internship experiences - Encourage scholars to get to know their professors and attend office hours

Lessons in Leadership Series

Scholars love to get around the table with leaders to talk about their careers, their interests, what lessons they have learned and what advice they would share with their younger selves. 

Each semester we host a half dozen leaders, with past guest including the CEO of an Apple subsidiary, a Schweitzer Prize winner for his work on homelessness, Notre Dame's outgoing Director of Admissions, and other leaders in their respective fields. This series started because supporters of the program were looking for a way to interact with our students and our students wanted more time with speakers/supporters outside of events or programmatic trips. Guests engage with ABSI scholars, either with students asking them questions or by working with students to identify their passions, solve problems or identify roadblocks they may be experiencing. Every session is different, and very much a collaboration between the students and the highlighted leader. Some guests come in with an activity or focus and others let the students choose the path.  OUr scholars enjoy meeting leaders in their preferred fields of study, and also appreciate the opportunity to be in front of Campus change-makers and give the change-makers the chance to interact with a dynamic, diverse, engaging audience.

Getting into the habit of listening, making connections and contributing is something we want to exercise in our students, so that it is really second nature in any setting they might find themselves.