Program Core

Advising and Mentorship 

Working in tandem with advisors in each of the colleges, the Faculty Director will oversee AnBryce students’ academic progress, focusing on the ways that a student’s college career matches their personal strengths and goals, and how they might best prepare for a career after college. To this end, the Faculty Director will meet with each AnBryce scholar several times a year for general advising sessions (and more often as needed). From these meetings, a comprehensive plan of action emerges for the scholar’s time at Notre Dame. Though detailed, there is nevertheless room for growth and change as the student discovers where his or her strengths lie. The flexibility to grow is essential to success in college and beyond. The Faculty Director has extensive relationships with faculty in all of the colleges and meets with them regularly to develop programming and resources for the students. 

Community and Enrichment Programming 

Talk-back sessions are held monthly and will offer AnBryce scholars informal opportunities to reflect upon both the academic and social climate at Notre Dame and each scholar's place in it.  Most frequently these talk-back sessions are dinners for all of the cohorts. The Freshmen Cohort will meet separately with Program Staff for the first two months of college to discuss situations unique to new students. Enrichment programming activities expose AnBryce students to a variety of careers, whether in the business world, government, law, academia, or the arts.  Students have the opportunity to network with professionals in a semi-structured setting.  AnBryce conducts a Leadership Summit every two years and holds a scholar-only retreat in the off years. This retreat aims to grow students' resilience, self-care, and leadership qualities.  Students will also have a chance to travel on a Network Immersion. Current cities include New York City, San Francisco, or Washington, D.C. for career-based education enrichment.

Global Immersion Experience 

International travel experiences help create a well-informed perspective on the world’s economies, politics and social justice issues. AnBryce considers this a critical dimension of being a good leader in the 21st Century.  More than half of Notre Dame's undergraduate students study abroad at some point in their college careers; and, anecdotal evidence suggests that nearly as many travel overseas before they begin their college careers.  To even the playing field and broaden the horizons of the AnBryce scholars, we have developed a Global Immersion Program. the program will travel to one of Notre Dame’s gateway cities (London, Dublin or Washington, D.C.). The students will take a Writing and Rhetoric course in the spring of their Freshman Year that will address this widening global perspective. Currently more than 60% of our scholars study abroad during their time at Notre Dame.