Who We Are

Identify. Inspire. Invest.

The AnBryce Scholars Initiative - or AnBryce Scholars, for short - aims to identify and support future leaders who will be committed to making a difference in the complex and often fractured world in which we live. The AnBryce Scholars Initiative reflects the vision of Mr. Anthony Welters and Ambassador Beatrice Wilkinson Welters, who began the AnBryce Foundation in 1995 to provide intellectual and social opportunities for historically underserved youth. The Welters' sons, Bryant and Andrew, are graduates of the University of Notre Dame. 

AnBryce Scholars at Notre Dame are the first in their families to go to college. Our scholars have exceptional academic records placing them among the top 1-2% of the nation in their high school class performance and/or national test scores. They also display notable intellectual promise, creativity, leadership, and a sense of service to others. 

AnBryce Scholars enter into a four year, cohort model of leadership development and enrichment programming. Our programming includes: immersion experiences, leadership opportunities, intensive financial, career, and academic mentoring, and experiences for expanding their ever-growing social and cultural capital as university students. We work intentionally to build networks of professional, social, and alumni contacts for our scholars.  

The AnBryce Scholars Initiative nurtures the spiritual life of its students and helps them grow into ethical adulthood. Scholars come from many faith backgrounds and seek out ways to engage with AnBryce, Notre Dame, and their hometowns. Programming encourages scholars to conversations that enrich the greater Notre Dame community. 

This community includes the many theological traditions, liturgies, and spiritualities that fashion the life of the Church. The emphasis on community in Catholicism explains why Notre Dame historically has fostered familial bonds in its institutional life. Notre Dame Mission