2023 Leadership Summit: Leadership in Context

Launched in 2019, the biennial AnBryce Leadership Summit aims to engage students from across campus on the importance of leadership in context. One must look at the world critically and find places in which one's passions and interests can lead to greater equity, understanding, diversity of thought, and inclusivity. Directors, Maria McKenna and Richard Pierce envisioned a summit that focused on a particular audience and brought them really targeted advice.

The Summit is part of a larger initiative within the program to grow leadership capital and engage AnBryce Scholars in leadership and service activities.

2023 Keynote Speaker

Beatrice Wilkinson Welters Ambassador

The Honorable Beatrice Welters

Former US Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago

Co-founder of the AN-Bryce Foundation. 


Anthony Welters

Closing Address

Mr. Anthony Welters


Executive Chairman, BlackIvy Group

Co-Founder of the AN-Bryce Foundation


Breakout Session Leaders

Img 1482

Ms. Zoe Usowski '19

Fulbright Fellow

Masters in Education Elementary Teacher

Img 2081

Mr. Luigi Ribera '19

Aerospace Engineer

Safety Inspector FAA Commercial Space Transportation



Ms. Leesa Greenwood '20

Civil Engineer

Asst. Superintendent Turner Construction

Breakout Session Workshop: Pouring from an Empty Cup



Mr. Armando Sanchez '19

Orr Fellow

Project Manager